Da.D.O. (Database of Observed Damage)

Web-gis platform for consulting and statistical processing of data related to observed damage on ordinary buildings and churches that have been damaged by seismic events of national importance

Da.D.O. platform is a tool of the Department of Civil Protection to support scientific activities of forecasting and prevention. It was designed to collect, classify and compare data on the construction and structural characteristics, as well as on seismic damage, of ordinary buildings and churches inspected during or following seismic crises of national importance. It was also achieved thanks to the fundamental contribution of numerous Institutions belonging to the National civil Protection Service, which have decided to share databases and scientific products with the rest of the scientific community in the field.

The platform is divided into two sections: the section dedicated to ordinary buildings and the section dedicated to churches. The first, to date, includes 12 databases relating to events: Friuli 1976, Irpinia 1980, Abruzzo 1984, Umbria-Marche 1997, Pollino 1998, Molise-Puglia 2002, Emilia 2003, L'Aquila 2009, Emilia 2012, Garfagnana-Lunigiana 2013, Central Italy 2016 - 2017 and Mugello 2019. The second one, currently, includes 8 databases relating to Umbria-Marche 1997, Molise-Puglia 2002, Piedmont 2003, Salò 2004, L'Aquila 2009, Emilia 2012, Central Italy 2016 - 2017 and Ischia 2017 events.

Although each adopted survey form has its own peculiarities, each database contains information on the general and structural characteristics of detected buildings, and the related damage.

Compared with the original version, these databases have been further processed, including the georeferencing which enables overlap with other types of data, such as the macroseismic intensity. For both sections, the Platform allows the user not only to consult but also to download the databases both in the original format and in a revised and decoded format, the specifications of which are contained in the download package.

In order to correlate the building damage data contained in Da.D.O. with the shaking parameters of individual earthquakes, there are also shakemaps produced by INGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology), downloadable by the user, related to the events Irpinia 1980, Abruzzo 1984, Umbria-Marche 1997, Pollino 1998, Molise-Puglia 2002, Emilia 2003, L'Aquila 2009, Emilia 2012, Garfagnana-Lunigiana 2013, Central Italy 2016 - 2017, Ischia 2017 and Mugello 2019. For some of these events INGV has also provided shakemap envelopes of the sequence earthquakes. An additional database (ShakeDaDO) produced by INGV, which combines earthquake damage information from Da.D.O. with seismic shaking, is also available and downloadable.

Given the contents and scientific purposes of the platform, its access is aimed at qualified users and its use is permitted only for scientific activities.

The platform provides two types of users:

  • Macro-users dedicated to Institutions, with the function also of managing sub-users of individual access. To be accredited, the Institution must register and wait for the Platform to be enabled as well as credentials to access.

  • Individual sub-users, after following the authorization from the relevant Institution of belonging. In order to be accredited, the individual user, belonging to an already accredited Institution, must register as a new user ("New user") and wait for being enabled by his own Institution. An user cannot register and access the platform if the Institution to which he belongs has not previously enabled him.

For both users, at the time of registration, acceptance of the Regulation is required which provides, among other things, that the accredited Institution and the individual user undertake not to disseminate the databases of the platform, except in aggregated form and citing the bibliographic references contained in the "Credits" section. The Department of Civil Protection is also relieved of any liability deriving from improper use of the data contained in the Platform or different from those indicated in the "Purpose of the Platform" and in the "Limits of use and dissemination of databases" referred to in the Regulations.

The databases of the platform have been cleaned of personal data, in accordance with the Legislative Decree no. 196 of 20 June 2003. The semi-automatic procedure used for georeferencing excludes the possibility of a unique identification of the building, in total protection of privacy.

The databases in the platform are intended for qualified users and therefore the contained data must not be used for purposes that differs from the scientific ones as mentioned above.

The Department declines all responsibilities for any use of these databases that is away from the scientific research, as mentioned above. The Department is also not responsible for any incompleteness, error, inconsistency, untruthful data or data that are not updated with respect to the version produced at the end of the related emergency events.

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